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Awarded at the London Honey Awards 2022

The only Honey in Latin America to win the competition's biggest prize

Contest that takes place in London, England, brings together several samples of honey from around the world and recognizes the quality of Mel Baldoni with the Platinum Medal, above gold, silver and bronze.

Best of the world

Gold Medal and Silver Medal at the WBA Apimondia 2019, held in Montreal, Canada

Saboramel's jams won a gold medal in the category of products added honey and the Baldoni Organic Honey Jar won a silver medal in packaging design category.

Winner Best
Brazilian Honey

Mel BALDONI eleito por cinco vezes consecutivas o Melhor Mel do Brasil

O Congresso Brasileiro de Apicultura, CONBRAPI, um evento de apicultores que ocorre a cada dois anos, elegeu em 2012, 2014, 2016,  2018 e 2023 o Mel Baldoni como Melhor do Brasil.

The Favorite Honey of Brazilian's Family
Baldoni Honey - pioneer in food retail in Brazil.
meet the line
The evolution of honey
The World's First Fortified Honey with Vitamin and Mineral!
be surprised
Innovate, Nourish and Care
Develop innovative solutions that nourish and care for people around the world. That's our purpose!
Who we are?
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The Favorite Honey of Brazilian's Family
meet the line
The Evolution of Honey
Surprise yourself!
Innovate, Nourish and Care
Know our purpose
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Innovate, Nourish and Care

This is our Purpose

Innovating with the primary goal of nurturing and caring for people around the world is our purpose.

Based on the centuries-old tradition of the people in the consumption of bee products and, considering the importance in the rescue of this culture, BALDONI assumes, at this moment, the responsibility of producing, harvesting and making available to the consumer market, innovative products that meet the demand of the modern world, and in complete evolution.

Baldoni products

Think Honey,
Think Baldoni!

The Brazilian's Family favorite Honey

Since its foundation in 1983, Baldoni has offered its consumers honey as it should be: 100% Pure and Natural, respecting its native characteristics and informing on its packaging the floral origin of this much-loved “nectar of the gods”. That's why honey is not all the same, honey is Baldoni!

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