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Flower Protein Source


pollen is Food Health Life Complete nutritious

Rich in Proteins

Source of Vitamins and Minerals

100% Natural

Various forms of use

Pollen is a kind of fine dust found on the antennae of flowers, whose function is to fertilize the eggs, thus representing the male element of plant sexuality, with enough energy potential to make a fruit grow.

That's why pollen represents life!

Bees use pollen as an important source of protein, to feed their young and to make royal jelly. It is collected by bees when they visit the flowers and stored in a proper place on their hind legs (corbicula) where pollen grains are formed, which are later collected using equipment installed in the hive.

Each flower has a specific pollen, which explains its wide variety of color, aroma and taste, ranging from bitter to sweet. BALDONI Bee Pollen is collected from flowers from native forest regions, selected to meet the quality and taste needs of the most demanding of our consumers: YOU!

Bee pollen, or apiarian pollen, is an exceptional food supplement that should be used daily, pure or mixed with yogurt, granola, honey, salads…

Its composition is rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and enzymes, in addition to fighting inflammation and being considered a natural antibiotic.


Dehydrated Bee Pollen

The dehydrated bee pollen, collected by the bees from wild flowers of the native vegetation around the hives. BALDONI Pollen has a light color, uniform grains and a slightly sweet taste. Get yours now!

Packaging: 80g pot