Mel Baldoni Chef

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The culinary world is a very dynamic environment, where novelties are always emerging in the reinterpretation of flavors from the most diverse regions of the world. What was previously inconceivable, today transforms sweet and salty, sour and bitter as complements in the same recipe. This makes honey a special ingredient not only in desserts, but also in starters, main courses and side dishes (sauces, meats, drinks, salads, breads, among others).

BALDONI CHEF honey is the result of a special blend combining the texture, aroma and softness of orange blossom honey with the tenacity of wild honey. In addition to the nutrients that make honey an unparalleled food, BALDONI CHEF honey carries the privilege of being an AWARDED honey, elected three times the best honey in Brazil by the Brazilian Beekeeping Congress, with flavor and quality recognized by international chefs at the ITQI in Brussels.

Surprise your customers, friends and family with your special touch of BALDONI CHEF honey!

Mel Baldoni Chef
Marca Mel Baldoni Chef

Wild Blend + Orange

With a 1.1Kg tube, Mel Baldoni Chef, has an excellent use in the kitchen and at the table. It is a 100% pure honey product, made with special blend of blooms (from the nectar of orange blossoms and wildflowers), Mel Baldoni Chef is certainly your ideal choice to create, innovate and impress friends, family and customers.

Packaging: 1.1Kg tube