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BALDONI PRODUTOS NATURAIS a company genuinely Brazilian, founded in 1983 by a family passionate about beekeeping, who always positioned tradition and quality as its reason for existence.

In January 2016, BALDONI was acquired by the current shareholders and, since then, has sought to implement a professional and conscious management. The structure administrative-financial, commercial and industrial areas were completely remodeled and currently the company develops activities in the entire beekeeping production chain, aggressively investing in its research division and development for the purpose of covering the entire spectrum of products composed of raw beekeeping material that is available for distribution in the Food, Pharma, food service and Institutional channels.

The fractionation of honey at BALDONI, as well as the production of products composed of honey and propolis is permanently inspected by the Inspection body (SIF) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, having its quality properly confirmed through the various awards received, standing out as the best honey in Brazil in the last three Brazilian Beekeeping Congresses carried out, respectively, in Gramado-RS, Belém-PA and Fortaleza-CE, in addition to having its products certified and recognized in 2016 and 2017 by the international Quality and Taste Institute (iTQi).

In 2018, BALDONI proved, before the Ministry Agriculture, its compliance program, with channels reporting organizational culture training, social responsibility work, and project sustainability through the implementation of a program framed in the goals of the 17 Sustainable Development of the UN 2030 Agenda, receiving, for two consecutive times, from the hands of the Minister of MAPA, the AGRO+ INTEGRITY AWARD.

Also in 2019, Baldoni was awarded the the best honey-based product in the world and second best in packaging design, in World Beekeeping awards of Apimondia 2019, held in Montreal, Canada.

2020 was a difficult and very different year. Certainly, no plan has resisted and the consequences have affected us still in 2021. The home office work home officethe numerous meetings via video conferences, the increase in care for our factory personnel and the pursuit of healthy distribution of our products was remarkable and definitely in our lives.

Now, for 2022, we move forward with a plan based on taking care of the customer base, targeting, still cautiously, the present opportunities .

We started with the launch of Própion Defense AZ (green propolis with vitamins and minerals in capsules), and our great innovation: Fortified Honey with 12 vitamins and minerals. Of course, these products, aligned with the purpose of innovating, nurturing and caring, will brighten up our company even more.

Let's go! No rush, but with lots of dedication and speed.

Daniel Augusto Cavalcante



Provide beekeeping solutions and products for the target segments, respecting the production chain and in total harmony with employees, customers and suppliers in order to remunerate shareholders and society in a fair, integral and sustainable way.


To be recognized as synonymous with innovation in the development of beekeeping solutions and products.


BALDONI believes that honest, transparent, upstanding work, with total respect for bees and consumers, is the solid basis for obtaining a unique, healthy and nutritious product.

BALDONI Evolution

Baldoni was founded by a family passionate about bees, which has always believed that honey is not all the same, offering customers in the region of Campinas - SP, honeys with a diversity of floral origin.
Industrial Expansion
Baldoni begins to expand its production and packaging of honey with the increase in regional demand. The diversification of packaging begins.
Best of Brazil
For four consecutive times, Baldoni receives the award for Best Honey in Brazil at the Brazilian Beekeeping Congress.
New Management
Baldoni's new professional management begins, under the leadership of CEO Daniel Cavalcante, together with a skilled team with years of experience in the sector.
Baldoni year
Baldoni launches new brands and aggressive commercial expansion, having its product mix available in large retail chains, such as Sam's Club, Carrefour, Makro, Oba, St. March, among others.
Automated Line
Baldoni automates its entire production line, increasing its honey and propolis filling capacity, making it one of the most modern beekeeping warehouse structures in Brazil. With this new capacity, Baldoni begins to meet the Private Brand demand for large retail chains.
Best of the world
Baldoni receives the award for Best product made with Honey in the World (Saboramel jam) and second best Packaging Design in the World (jar of Organic Honey) at the WBA - World Beekeeping Awards, at Apimondia, held in Montreal - Canada.
Baldoni achieves its leadership, becoming a pioneer in the honey category in food retail and pharma, attributing the purpose of offering innovative solutions that seek to nourish and care for people around the world.
Internationally Awarded Honey
Mel Baldoni is the only one in all of Latin America to receive a Platinum Medal, the highest award in the honey quality contest of the London Honey Awards, England.
2012 - 2018


units sold
+ 1
points of sale
+ 1
Growth in 6 years
+ 1 x

Strategic team


Daniel Cavalcante


• Mestre e Doutor em Tecnologia de Alimentos • Mestre em Ciências Sociais Aplicadas • MBA em Gestão Pública • MBA Gestão Empresarial • Diretor Fundação A.B.E.L.H.A. • Conselheiro Superior Agronegócio FIESP • Conselheiro do Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas em Alimentos - NEPA • Professor Planejamento Estratégico FGV • Major Intendente R1 da Força Aérea Brasileira • Diretor de Produção e Gestor Comercial da Fazenda da Aeronáutica • Chefe de operações e doutrina da Intendência Operacional. • Operações e Doutrina da Intendência Operacional da FAB • Oficial da ONU em Guiné Bissau


Gustavo calomeni


• Médico veterinário • Doutor em produção Animal • Gestão Industrial FGV • Professor universitário • Diretor do Recanto Cavaleiro


Titus xanthopulo


• Senior Designer BALDONI • Marketing Creation Manager at APISVIDA • Senior Designer at TELHANORTE • Senior Designer at APISVIDA • Junior Designer at AUDIFAR • Web designer at Carmo Comunicações

Vera Almeida [square]

Vera Almeida


• Graduada em Gestão da Qualidade • Coordenadora Financeira na BALDONI • Assistente Técnica Administrativa na Konimagem • Coordenadora de Suporte ao Cliente na Fugifilm • Suporte de CPD na Auto Global


Bruno Zago


• BALDONI Controllership Coordinator • Mr. Accounting & Report Analisys at DANONE • Senior Accounting Analyst at SAINT-GOBAIN • Controllership Analyst at GTEX BRASIL • Senior Accounting Analyst at SCHWING • Senior Auditor – PP&C Auditors • Accounting Assistant at ZATZ • Accounting Intern at KARINA

Gabriela Finardi [square]

Gabriela Finardi


• Graduada em Veterinária • Coordenadora de qualidade na BALDONI • Estágio nos aquários de Santos e Ubatuba • Estágio Clínica Verlengia

Soraia Farah [square]

Soraia Farah


• Consultora de RH na Foco Humano • Gerente de RH na Prado Gestão • Analista de RH na Universidade São Judas Tadeu • Psicóloga Clínica

Lucas da Silva [square]

Lucas Silva


• Administração pela Faculdades Integradas Campos Sales, • 10 anos de experiência na área Administrativa, • Logística, Compras e Fiscal, nas empresas Baldoni e Pefil Comercial.

Jefferson Sousa [square]

Jefferson Souza


• Gerente Industrial na MR BAY ALIMENTOS • Proprietário da JMS SERVIÇOS DE INFORMÁTICA


Suellen Mariano


• Sales Manager at HARIBO BRASIL • Sales Coordinator at PLANET ENERGY • Sales Coordinator at GLOBALBEV


Frames Medeiros


Graduated in Law • Graduated in Logistics Science • Colonel Intendant R1 of the Brazilian Air Force • Administrative and Infrastructure Director, Public Procurement and Finance Manager, in several FAB Military Organizations • Professional Certificate in Anti-Corruption Compliance

Edinho Soares [square]

Edinho Soares


• Graduado em Letras • Trade na Agência Bemore. • Trade na Agência Smollan itrade • Trade na Agência Retail company

Johnathan Cristian [square]

Johnathan Cristian


• Graduado Gestão Comercial • MBA Negócios e Marketing Digital • CEO Beejohn • Diretor Private Label na Apisvida • Diretor Comercial na Melbras • Comercial Nacional na Bee Propolis Brasil

CEO's letter

Based on the centuries-old tradition of peoples in the consumption of bee products and, considering the importance in the rescue of this culture, BALDONI assumes, at this moment, the responsibility of producing, harvesting and making it available to the consumer market. Innovative products that meet the demand of a modern world and in complete evolution.

We have the conscience that it is of vital importance the adequacy of the productive bases and the individualized care with each item available, providing to our customers and friends, healthy, sustainable products with high embedded technology, in addition to supporting the company's progress in the pursuit of its institutional vision: To be recognized as a leader in the honey and derivatives segment, implying the analogy and synonym of the word beekeeping.

The great challenge is to make BALDONI and its BRANDS a company of products and gifts based on honey and derivatives, contributing, in a significant way, to a healthy life full of health and well-being, unlike the current idea where such foods are treated as commodities and often used only as medicines.

Our purpose is technically supported on the pillars and the most advanced tools of technological and marketing excellence, seeking to meet the needs of our customers through, mainly, the surveillance on evolving global trends and on talent retention and development humans within the scope of the company.

We dare to be the legacy of bee products in national and international territories!