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Pure Honey from Orange Blossoms

Pure 100%, Honey Turma da Mônica Flores de Laranjeira takes its name because the bees visit these flowers to collect nectar and produce a delicious, smooth, clear and aromatic honey. It is a very popular honey flower, enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. It's a delight to taste!


Pure Wildflower Honey

Honey Turma da Mônicawild flowers is 100% pure, produced by bees harvesting the nectar of several plants native to the Atlantic Forest, so we can also call it multifloral honey. This honey is characteristically darker, with a more intense flavor and more nutritious. It's great for the whole family. Hmmmm!

Super Practical Cover

The tube was designed to be upside down, thanks to its lid with DSC (Drop System Control) technology that has flow control and prevents honey wastage.

Mel TDM sache40@0,25x

Pure Honey in Sachet

The sachet is the most practical way to always have a dose of honey on hand at any time of the day. That's why Monica's Turma Honey Sachet is perfect to take in your backpack, lunch box, purse, glove compartment, etc.


The flora where the bee feeds must be from a native area or from organic agriculture.


As bees collect food within a radius of 2 km from their colonies, the production of organic honey must respect a minimum distance of 3 km between the organic apiary and areas of conventional agriculture.


The organic honey collection and packaging processes follow traditional production methods, without any chemical interference.